St Paul's Foodbank Christmas Appeal

St Paul's Hounslow West FOODBANK was set up in June 2013 to provide emergency food and support to people locked in poverty. Capital (Simon Levell an employee with Capital is the Worship Leader at St Paul’s Hounslow West) made grants of £4,500 (2019) and £5,000 (2020) in support of this work.

There has been enough national news coverage of the need and role Foodbanks have played this year in supporting people during the pandemic to necessitate too much detail. Suffice to say:

In June 2013 our aim was to hand out 15-30 food parcels weekly.


In the six months from September 2019 – February 2020, we provided food for 838 adults and 635 children – a total of 1473

From the beginning of March until now, we have provided food for 3370 adults and 2158 children – a total of 5528.  This figure includes the people we have also been feeding at a second FoodBank opened at the beginning of July in the South of the parish.  The number of people we fed during September 2020 represented an increase of over 300% compared to the number for September 2019.

Local primary schools, local churches, other faith groups including the Muslim Women's League provide regular and generous donations of food. On a Saturday in November 2019 ASDA in Hounslow let us hold a food drive which resulted in 600 food items being donated.


We have been extremely well supported by Morrisons – some customer donations, but mainly bulk quantities of items from their Brentford store. Morrisons set aside £10million for food aid at the start of the pandemic. 

A couple of branches of Sainsburys have collection points for us.

We are indirectly supported by a range of supermarkets through Surplus to Supper. Founded in 2017 in Sunbury-on-Thames, this charity sources and distributes surplus fresh food which is near or on its use-by date to those in need and to local food banks and other charities.

Iceland is about to donate 1000 plastic bags to us as well and we are hoping that might be the start of a relationship with them.

In conclusion: You might decide to support our work or you might decide to support another cause. Whatever your decision please consider contributing some items to your local Foodbank when doing your weekly shopping. Nappies, toiletries (not conditioner – who needs conditioner when you can’t afford to buy your children food – bottles of the stuff have been donated to us!), sanitary products, cooking oil, tinned vegetables and fruit – we are always short of these products. Thank you.

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